THE Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) belongs to the farmers and the Board has a responsibility to service them, says a new chairman for CIC Board of Directors Joseph Kom.

“I want to remind us that CIC belongs to the farmers. We would not be here if it is not for them.

“We therefore have a responsibility to our farmers and the people of Papua New Guinea.”

Mr Kom who represents Simbu Smallholders Coffee Growers Association (SHCGA) is also the Chairman of PNG SHCGA.

He was anonymously elected to the chair by 7-2 votes in the Board’s inaugural meeting held at the CIC AL Hurrell board room in Goroka on Friday 16 December, 2016.

The Deputy Chairman is Mr Ellyson Ketauwo who represents PNG Blockholders.

Mr Kom acknowledges the challenges in the coffee industry. He therefore urges the CIC Board and Management and all stakeholders in the industry to put the past behind and work together to improve the industry.

“The coffee environment is not the same as it was 20 years ago. This is our challenge.

“But CIC has a regulating agency has improved it its mandated function. We must appreciate that as well.

“I also acknowledge that many things that have happened. We have to leave those behind us and move forward.

“The formation of a Board and election of office bearers is a new chapter for CIC.”

The incoming chair also thanked nine of the 12-member Board of Directors present in the meeting for the trust and confidence they bestowed on him to lead as Chairman.

“This Board is balance with experience and young members.

“I’m confident with the Board Members to provide guidance and direction for the Management of CIC to effectively service our farmers and all stakeholders in the value chain.”

Mr Kom also challenged the CIC Management to provide reliable and up-to-date advice for the Board to make decisions that are relevant to the changing coffee industry.

“While we as a Board will lead in terms of providing guidance and direction, I also like to challenge the Management of CIC to provide the Board with the updated and reliable technical information and advice.

“The Board is only as good as the advice it gets to make decisions that are relevant to the industry in these changing times.”

The Chief Executive Officer of CIC Charles Dambui welcomes the appointment of Mr Kom as Chairman and said the management is prepared to work together with the Board to strengthen and grow the 3 billion Kina coffee industry.

“The industry is progressing well so far, we just have to make it more relevant.”

Earlier Minister for Agriculture & Livestock Hon. Tommy Tomscoll congratulated the new members and challenged them to uphold the values and vision of CIC.

“You are here because there is an association that recommended you to come to the CIC board.”

“Your first responsibility is not to this board, but to ensure that the association you represent is functional and is operating. You must continue to consult with your association members and hold association meetings.”

New chairman for CIC Board of Directors Joseph Kom


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Joseph Kom

Chairman – CIC Board



“Yumi lukautim Kofi na Kofi bai lukautim Yumi”