Coffee Exporters Included in the Commodity Association Directory

Over 10 coffee exporters and manufacturers in the country had their contact information supplied to the Bangkok based Agriculture and Food Marketing Association for Asia and the Pacific (AFMA) to be included in the Commodity Association Directory for 2013.

Chief Executive Officer of the Coffee Industry Corporation Mr. Navi Anis said it is another milestone for promoting PNG coffee and the local coffee companies in the international market.

He said the directory is a one-stop-shop for companies in commodity trade and will enable potential investors and overseas business to access reliable and readily available contact information of our local coffee companies for their business dealings.

Executive Director of AFMA Mr. Juejan Tangtermthong expressed in a letter that the directory will include all parties and associations involved in chain and linkages in agricultural marketing starting from farmers, crop buyers, processors, distributors, exporters and suppliers of support services and inputs.

He said the over 10 Asia-Pacific countries are covered in the directory including, China, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.

The contact details of local coffee companies supplied include, Awute Coffee Producers, Big Bean Coffee Ltd, Coffee Connections, ColbranCoffeelands, Gepo Ltd, Highlands Arabicas, Kongo Coffee, Kosem Ltd, Niugini Mountain Coffee, Monpi Coffee, New Guinea Highlands Coffee Exports, New Guinea Tea and Spice, OK-Corporation-Kundu Coffee Exports, Pacific Trading Company, PNG Coffee Exports, Yondu Coffee, Gaabiga Coffee, Banz Coffee Factory, Goroka Coffee Roasters, Sigri-WR Carpenters & Co., Arabicas Ltd and Papuan Black Aromas.

Once published, the directory will be distributed to members of AFMA and uploaded in AFMA’s website as a free access resource.