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2016 News
First road project under PPAP

First road project under PPAP

SMALLHOLDER coffee growers in  the remote Lamari LLG of Tairora , Eastern Highlands Province will soon have access to market and other social services.


This will be made possible through the rehabilitation of a 5km access road from Nompia to Bibiori in the Lamari LLG.

This effort is being undertaken by the Coffee Industry Corporation through its Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (PPAP) funded by the World Bank  IAD and PNG Government.

The procurement and tender process for awarding of contract for the road works are already in place. Seven companies have entered the bid for the contract.

Road works will begin by April in 2016 once contract is awarded.

The rehabilitation of this rural road is the first under component 3 of PPAP, which intends to improve market access for smallholder coffee growers in the targeted areas.

The access road will connect remote sleepy hamlets, making it possible for 4-Wheel Drive vehicles, mainly Toyota Land Cruisers to crisscross through the verdant green terraced fields.

Presently growers living at the far back of Lamari carry their coffee bags and walk for days to Nompia and wait for 4-Wheel Drive vehicles to transport their coffee beans to Kainantu town.

CIC recent coffee census had 1.5 million coffee trees in Lamari LLG area.

The PPAP team headed by Project Manager Mr Potaisa Hombunaka recently met with 12 ward councillors from Lamari LLG and some women representatives.

The councillors who are also coffee growers were overwhelmed  and wanted to see the road works begin immediately to connect them with the rest of Papua New Guinea and the world.

A signed declaration by the 12 ward  councilors supporting the rehabilitation of the 5km road was given to the PPAP manager Potaisa Hombunaka.

Connectivity and mobility is the key to reaching out and opening up new opportunities for the rural population.
The access road will increase coffee production and other opportunities will follow to help alleviate poverty and improve rural livelihood of the Lamari people.

The access road from Tairora High School to Nompia which the Lamari people often use has 13 bridges built in similar fashion. Only 4-Wheel Drive vehicles use this road. Five of these very bad bridges will be rebuilt by the Project that will have a life span of 20 plus years.

The location at Nompia in the Tairora area of Obura-Wonenara electorate where road works will begin in April 2016 to connect some 20,000 people of Lamari LLG.