The Jiwaka provincial administration is supporting coffee rehabilitation efforts being implemented by Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) in the province.
In an awareness and familiarisation meeting with the provincial administration early this month, an official who spoke on behalf of the provincial administrator’s office acknowledged CIC as a development partner.

Director for Technical & Economic Services, Anthony Kerni when welcoming the CIC delegation on Wednesday 2 March, praised CIC as a development partner to help improve basic infrastructures like rural roads and log bridges in the new province under component 3 of PPAP to service the PPAP farmers and the wider populace.
“CIC is our partner. Many areas in the province need roads and bridges. For this reason we want to work in partnership with CIC. We should no stop such progress. We should work together with CIC,” (CIC em partner blo mipela. Planti hap blo provins nidim rot na bris. Olsem na mipela laik wok bung. Mipela noken stopim. CIC kam, mipela mas wok bung), said Mr Kerni.
Jiwaka is privilege where CIC through its coffee rehabilitation work under Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (PPAP) is considering two access roads for coffee farmers to access markets.
The proposed roads will connect Avi Market to Kamdiga (5km) which will help some 1020 smallholder growers in the area. The second is a 5km access road in the Kapagul area which will benefit just over 1000 smallholder farmers. The projects being considered by CIC-PPAP and its financiers include construction of log bridges that will benefit the general population to access other social services like health and education.
Mr Kerni said as a new province, they want to partner CIC to improve basic public services like rural roads that will help not only coffee growers to access markets, but also for the general population including mothers and children to gain access to social services like health and schools.
Also present during the meeting at Jiwaka provincial headquarters were some village leaders namely Timothy Kumiye (Group Leader Malbanga), Steven Mambu (Group Leader Numboz), Tony Yuyie (former councillor) and re-known coffee extension officer James Koimo.
Leading the CIC team was PPAP project manager Potaisa Hombunaka who was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and support from Jiwaka provincial administration and community leaders.
Mr Hombunaka took the opportunity to explain to the provincial officials and community leaders the process and procedures involve in the coffee rehabilitation work under PPAP.
PPAP is a coffee rehabilitation initiative of Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) funded by a loan facility from World Bank IDA (International Development Association) and IFAD (International Fund for Agriculture Development) with counter funding from GoPNG. The project was initially implemented in Eastern Highlands, Simbu, Jiwaka and Western Highlands Province. The coffee rehabilitation work will cover other coffee growing provinces as well because it has been extended from June 2016 to June 2019 following additional loan financing.

The CIC-PPAP team with officials from Jiwaka provincial administration and some local leaders outside the provincial headquarters following an awareness and familiarisation meeting on Wednesday 2 March, 2016. 

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Potaisa H. Hombunaka (Mr.)