By Leo Wafiwa 15/07/2016

THE National Government has confirmed Mr Charles Dambui as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) for a period of four years commencing May 30, 2016.Mr Dambui has been working as acting CEO since June 2015.

This recent government’s decision through the Ministry & Department of Agriculture & Livestock (DAL) will bring back stakeholder confidence and stability in the coffee industry which has been absent for some years.
“Stability is vital for the growth of any institution. I therefore thank the National Government particularly the DAL for realizing the need for this appointment.
“One of my immediate tasks is to bring back stakeholder confidence in the coffee industry which has been missing for almost six (6) years,” says Mr Dambui.
Mr Dambui has over 10 years’ experience in the agriculture sector particularly in coffee with a short stint with the cocoa industry. 
He will begin working on the following pressing activities in his effort to build back confidence and improve the coffee sector:

  • Reviewing existing organizational procedures and policies to meet market trends and developments;
  • Drive SME (Small Medium Enterprise) in the coffee sector to grow and venture into large enterprises;
  • Align regulatory extension policies to meet market expectations or demands as per the Tree-to-Cup policy;
  • Work hand-in-hand with partners or stakeholders through the productive partnerships modality as the PPAP and institutionalize the modality with CIC after project funding ends in 2019; and
  • Work with coffee growing districts to develop District Coffee Development Plan to improve the livelihood of farmers who are very important people in the coffee industry chain.

According to the National Gazette No. G366 of Tuesday, 14 June, 2016 , the acting Governor-General Theodore Zurenuoc revoked Mr Dambui’s acting appointment and confirmed him to the CEO position commencing May 30, 2016.
Mr Dambui’s highest academic qualification is a Master of Economics (MEc) from the University of New England, NSW, Australia in 2012. He also attained a Master of Economic Studies (MEcSt) from the same University in 2010.
Mr Dambui graduated with a Bachelor Degree Economics from University of Papua New Guinea in 2002. He was also awarded a Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Business & Management at UPNG in 2005.
The PPAP manager Potaisa Hombunaka in congratulating the CEO said at last the government got it right by appointing a person from within the organization who has the heart and desire to see coffee growers realize the benefits of their sweat.
The last appointment of a permanent CEO for Coffee Industry Corporation was in 2010. Since then CIC has been operating under acting CEOs until May 30, 2016.

Mr. Charles Dambui