The Coffee Industry Corporation publishes a variety of publications that addresses specific aspects of the coffee industry in Papua New Guinea.

Publications such as the PNG Coffee Journal, Coffee Research Reports, Coffee Discussion Papers, Coffee Reports, and the CRI Annual Reports are scientific and technical in nature. Information from these publications are then made simpler and published in extension publications such as the Coffee Industry Newsletter, Technical Advisory Circular and other simpler forms such as flyers, brochures and leaflets. Some of the Coffee Extension Publications can be downloaded (pdf files) by farmers, extension officers, teachers, NGOs and other relevant organisations.

Industry Operation Divisional Publications

This division publishes the following publications:

  • Coffee Reports, quarterly publication
  • Coffee Discussion Papers , occasional paper series

The purchase prices for these publications are K11.00 (PNG) and US$20.00 (overseas) per copy. The costs are inclusive of freight and postage charges. It also publishes other ad hoc publications such as workshop proceedings and others. Email us your request for Industry Operation Division publications to:

To view the full list of IOD publications please click IOD Publications.

Research & Grower Services Divisional Publications


The R&GSD (formerly Coffee Research Institute) publishes three periodicals, namely: (1) PNG Coffee Journal published bi-annually, (2) the Newsletters published quarterly and the R&GSD Annual Report published at the end of the year.

The Coffee Research Report is a write-up of completed research projects undertaken by a research scientist or a group of scientists. It is written up for its availability to the industry financiers, interested scientists and for documentation purposes for the CIC.

For a list of publications by R&GSD click RGSD Publications.

Technical & Advisory Circulars

The Technical Advisory Circulars are published on specific aspects of coffee husbandry practices. Also some circulars cater for specific areas of pest and disease control recommendations based on research work carried out in PNG.

PNG Coffee Handbook

This publication covers Research & Grower Services Division recommendations on the production of Arabica coffee in PNG. The publications contains topics on nursery practices, coffee husbandry practices, processing and control of pests and diseases of coffee. This is a good reference book for coffee farmers, extension officers, teachers, students and those interested in coffee. Priced: K27.50 (VAT included) plus K5.00 postage (local),US$50.00 (Overseas).

Email us your request for Research & Grower Services Division publications to:

1. AIRMAIL Domestic (PGK) Overseas (US$)
PNG Coffee Journal 25.00 30.00
Coffee Industry Newsletter 19.00 16.00
R&GSD Annual Report 12.00 10.00
2. SURFACE MAIL Note: Publication in bulk only will be sent as surface mail. The minimum weight is 1kg and the above periodicals weigh less than the required weight.