Recognition Awards


Recognition awards have been awarded to persons who have directly made an impact toward the coffee industry of Papua New Guinea. During the launch of the PNG Coffee Industry Strategic Plan on 18 July 2008, CIC took the intiative to acknowledge the extraordinary services and commitment which many individuals, communities, and private companies have exerted in developing the industry.

While CIC acknowledged the more than 2.5 million Papua New Guineans who contributed to growing and producing coffee, there were some specific individuals and communities, including companies, who have contributed very extraordinarily. These people have simply acted out their roles as coffee growers, processors, exporters, manufacturers, providers of trucking services, providers of air freight services, providers of banking services, donor agencies, agricultural suppliers, promoters of law, order and justice, government and agencies of state and many others. As a result of such extraordinary committments the industry has achieved its sustainability.

The limited awards were made to outstanding recipients under the 11 major categories identified which are listed below:

  1. Mr. Joe Leahy – Efforts in Dealing with Land Tenure and Ownership Issues
  2. Mr. Nichol Colbran – Road Construction, Maintenance and Accessibility in Rural Coffee Areas
  3. United Nauro Gor Community Law and Order Policing Group – Services in Law, Order and Justice
  4. ENB Coffee Growers Cooperative Assocation – Promotion of Coffee Development in New Growth Areas
  5. Mr. Norman Carver – Education Awareness Among Children & Women
  6. Mr. Jerry Kapka – Promotion of PNG Special Export Coffee Brands
  7. Coffee Connections Ltd – Promotion of Grower Groups in Development of Coffee
  8. Mr. Ian Leslie (deceased) – Provider of Air Freights services form Remote Areas
  9. East West Transport Company – Provider of Trucking and Cartage Services
  10. Farmset Limited – Provider of Agricultural Supplies & Services
  11. Providers of Financial and Banking Services – National Development Bank, BSP, ANZ Ltd, Westpac, European Union, Japan Government, AusAID (ARDSF)

For each category, there were many whom CIC acknowledged and noted their immense contribution. The CIC could only identify and select one outstanding contributor from among many.

“To all who have played a special and significant part in this industry, CIC really appreciates and honors your efforts.”