2021 Position Vacancies

The Coffee Industry Corporation Ltd (CIC) is conferred with Statutory Powers and Functions under the Coffee Industry Corporation (Statutory functions & Powers) Act 1991 to carry out research, extension services and regulation of the Coffee Industry in PNG. CIC has undergone some major organizational and structural changes to meet stakeholders demand in a cost-effective manner. CIC has restructured its current organisational structure in response to the newly developed Coffee Plans: the 10 years National Coffee Development Roadmap Plan 2020 to 2030 and the 5-year CIC Strategic Business Plan 2020 to 2024. The two (2) Coffee Plans have reshaped and repositioned CIC Ltd as a program-based structure and making a strategic shift in its approach to achieve the aims and objectives of the two (2) Coffee Plans and that of the National Government Goals and Aspirations.

The CIC Ltd seeks suitably qualified person to fill the immediate vacancies of the positions below.

CIC Ltd is looking for an experienced Chief Operating Officer or COO to oversee its programs
identified under the new Coffee Plans. The suitably ideal persons that we seek to recruit will
be the company’s second-in-command and responsible for the efficiency of operations.
The COO role is a key member of the senior management team and directly reporting
to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and provides oversight of five (5) programs. The job
holder is required to maintain control of diverse business operations and is expected from
him/her to be an experienced and efficient leader to lead by example and must possess
excellent communication skills, business acumen and exemplary work ethics.
The goal of the COO position is to secure the functionality of business to drive extensive
and sustainable growth throughout the programs of CIC Ltd.
Basic Requirements:
• The suitably ideal person for this job must have PhD or Masters in Agriculture,
Economics, Business Management, HR, Commerce, Law or equivalent from a
recognized University.
• He/she must have proven track record experience as Chief Operating Officer in a similar
• The ideal person for this job must have broader understanding of business functions
such as HR, finance, research, marketing, ICT, SME, development and other crucial
functions of CIC.
• It is a must that the person we seek to recruit must demonstrate high level of
competency in strategic planning and business development.
• He/she plays a very important role in leading a team of Program Managers by
resourcing the programs to be fully functional to deliver on program objectives and
institutional goals.
• The suitably qualified person must have outstanding organizational and leadership
abilities with excellent interpersonal and public speaking skills to lead a team of
• He/she must possess aptitude in decision-making and problem-solving is preferable.


Download as pdf file.  Chief Operating Officer JD

CICL is searching for a diligent and professional Regulatory & Compliance Manager to
join our dynamic regulatory & compliance team under the restructure. The successful
incumbent will be responsible for ensuring CIC’s coffee regulatory & compliance business
operations and procedures comply with legal regulations and industry policies of CIC Ltd.

In this position, the job holder will perform a range of duties including evaluating all
current and new compliance regulations, reviewing and monitoring licensed coffee
businesses in PNG, regulate coffee standards, exporting and carry out inspections. The
successful candidate we seek to appoint must have excellent communication skill with indepth
knowledge of the latest industry procedures and regulations. This position directly
reports to the Chief Executive Officer.

Basic Requirements:

• The suitably qualified candidate for this position must have Bachelor’s Degree in Law,
Business Management or relevant field from a recognized University.
• He/she must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience as a Regulations/Compliance
Manager or held similar position at senior management level.
• An ideal person for this position must have strong knowledge of industry processes
and regulations and can provide sound regulatory and best coffee standard practices
to the management and the Board of CIC.
• Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities.
• The best person that we seek to recruit must be knowledgeable about industry issues
and must have an analytical mindset with excellent organizational skills to lead a team
of coffee experts.
• Ability to undertake monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects.


Download as pdf file. Program 1 REGULATORY & COMPLIANCE PROGRAM JD

The Corporate Services Manager will be part of the Program Management team under the
restructure. This role has responsibility for managing the corporate services that support
other programs to deliver impact through projects. The ideal candidate will be a highly
organised, efficient and autonomous individual with the capacity to handle program
expansion as CIC transits from the old structure to the new structure. Corporate Services
Manager’s work will shape operational structures and processes within all CIC programs in
an intense period of consolidation and growth.
The Corporate Services Manager role is a newly established role within CICL under the
restructure leading the Corporate Services team. As a member of the Executive team, you
will also provide input and have responsibility for corporate strategy overall.
The job holder will report directly to the Chief Operating Officer and will have responsibility
for ensuring that CIC’s operations run smoothly and efficiently, while ensuring that there
is continue modernization of systems and processes. Through a mixture of internal
expertise and external service providers, Corporate Services Manager provides the
platform of processes and systems to enhance performances in human resources, finance
management and administration.
Basic Requirements:
• The suitably qualified candidate for this position must have Degree to Masters’ Degree
in Economic, Management, Commerce, HR or equivalent from a recognized University.
• He/she must possess strong governance, administrative and organisational
skills, sound knowledge of good practice in procurement and organisational risk
management with good analytical and lateral thinking skills.
Be a team player, ready to offer support and respond to ad hoc requests for assistance
from Program Managers with supportive and ambitious mind.
• He/she must have the ability to see barriers as opportunities for change and
improvement and the ability to understand, value and connect the role of Corporate
Services in delivering the outcomes for other Programs.
• The ideal job holder we seek to recruit must have at least minimum of 3 years’
experience in a similar role, managing a corporate support function at senior corporate
• Ability to undertake monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects.


Download as pdf file. Program 2 - Corporate Services Manager JD
CICL under the restructure is seeking to appoint a talented Marketing and Partnership
Manager to work with internal and external stakeholders to scale our national partner
marketing program. The ideal person for this job will focus on coordinating, engaging
and facilitating coffee marketing and partnerships including MOAs and MOUs with CICL
and partner organizations under the Public-Private Partnership policy. The Manager will
provide oversight of donor projects which are to be implemented under the CIC.
He/she in required to plan and execute strategic partnerships and marketing campaigns
for grower groups and manage MOAs and MOUs in a coherent manner. Marketing &
Partnerships Manager is technically required to work collaboratively to build coffee value
chain linkages that will ensure supply of consistency in quality and quantity which will
lead to producer partners obtaining better coffee prices. The Marketing and Partnerships
Manager reports to the Chief Operating Officer.
Basic requirements:
• The suitable qualified person for this position must have Masters in Economics,
Business Management, Agriculture or equivalent from a recognized University.
• Relevant work experience of three (3) years of in a marketing and partnerships
environment is strongly preferable with proven track record in creating supply chains.
• Successful management and coordination of MOAs and MOUs through various public
and private sector organizations including NGOs and provincial governments, districts,
resource sector companies to foster partnerships and marketing of coffee is essential.
• She/he must have experiences in working or managing donor projects.
• Must possess wider knowledge, skills and experience in the coffee marketing system
locally and internationally.
• Ability to undertake monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects.


Download as pdf file. Program 3 - Marketing & Partnership Manager JD
The suitably qualified person for this job will be accountable for the leadership and
strategic direction and oversight of the operation, management and delivery of the
CIC’s research and innovation functions under the restructure. As part of the Executive
Management team this role will be responsible for stimulating an environment for
research and innovation and supporting the activities of the coffee industry by promoting
and developing a strong band of researchers along with other initiatives that the CIC
The Research & Innovation Manager will identify, lead and manage research and
innovative approaches to business challenges and work with multidisciplinary research
team to deliver coffee services. He/she will ensure that insights and analysis of the
environment in which the CIC currently operates and may operate in the future are
considered, researched and findings are used effectively to help address the stakeholder
needs. The Research & Innovation Manager will lead a team of researchers who nurture
new ideas and concepts and through research, these innovations are upscaled in the PNG
coffee industry. The incumbent will work closely with colleagues across the organisation
including national and international research collaborators. This position reports to the
Chief Operating Officer.
Basic Requirements:
• The position requires someone with a Post Graduate Degree to Doctoral level in
Agricultural Research or equivalent from a recognised university.
• He/she must have ten (10) years’ experience in a commodity-oriented research with
technical knowledge to design, undertake experimentation or surveys and publish
research papers in local and international peer-reviewed journals.
• The ideal person we seek to appoint must possess leadership qualities to lead the team
in scientific and economic research work for the Coffee Industry.
• He/she must be competent in the use of scientific research software package or other
related research statistical software.
• The suitably qualified person we seek to appoint must have exceptional communication
skills to effectively manage relationships, mentor cadets, provide leadership to cadre
of researchers.
• He/she must have records of achievement in publishing journals in recognized local or
international journals.
• Ability to undertake monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects.


Download as pdf file. Program 4 - Research & Innovations


The CICL is currently implementing the restructure and is seeking to recruit an experienced
SME & Development Manager under one of its priority programs focused on coffee
business development and economic diversification of coffee farmers throughout coffee
growing provinces in PNG. The SME & Development Manager will work on coffee farmers
needs assessments and connecting the farmers to the government policy on SME through
coffee with relevant financial institutions.
The SME & Development Manager will coordinate training and technical assistance to the
coffee farmers and provide other relevant and technical support in implementation of the SME & Development (Extension) program as enshrined in the CIC Strategic Business Plan
2020 to 2024. The SME & Development Manager reports to the Chief Operating Officer.
Basic Requirements;
• The person we seek to recruit for this position must have Master’s Degree in
Development Studies, Economics, Business Management, Agriculture and/or related
fields from a recognized University.
• He/she must have five (5) years of relevant work experience working in the field of SME
& Development in a similar industry or equivalent.
• The incumbent is a proven leader who will oversight CIC regional coordinators,
provincial coffee coordinators and mobile extension officers throughout the country.
• He/she must possess sound analytical, organizational, project management, and
negotiation skills and the ability to conduct training and workshops/seminars is
ideally essential.
• The ideal person for this position must have strong written and interpersonal
communication skills in both English and Tok Pidgin with an ability to interact with a
very broad spectrum of stakeholders.
• Ability to undertake monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects.


Download as pdf file. Program 5 - SME & Industry Development JD


We are looking for an experienced and motivated Information Communication and
Technology Manager who will be responsible for overseeing and ensuring that
communication and information technology systems are operating effectively and
efficiently. The incumbent must ensure there is connectivity between head office, regional
offices and provincial offices of the CIC for ease of communication and information
To be successful in this position you will demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the ICT
industry’s best practices with evidence of a professional track record of effective technical
management, information analysis, and a thorough understanding of computer hardware
and software systems.
Basic Requirements:
• He/she must have Bachelor’s Degree or Masters in computer science, information
technology, software engineering, or a related field from a recognized University.
• He/she must have minimum of 5 years relevant work experience managing ICT
infrastructure and services.
• Possessed appropriate and relevant experience with WAN/LAN, network installation
and administration.
• Proficient in computer hardware, cabling installation and support, wireless technology
applications and interface and IT security.
• Proficient in Microsoft Windows software, including Server, Office, and Exchange.
• Must possess people management and leadership, multi-tasking and time management
skills and the ability to prioritize tasks.
• Highly organized and detail oriented with excellent analytical and problem-solving
skills with flexible working hours.
• Ability to undertake monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects.


Download as pdf file. Program 6 - ICT Manager JD
The position will report to the Chief Executive Officer and requires persons who possesses
the following minimum qualification requirement and attributes, should the application
address the following criteria;
• The position requires persons with a Degree or Masters in Economics, Strategic
Planning Agriculture, Commerce, Accounting and Management, or equivalent from a
recognized university.
• The suitable person must demonstrate a high level of written and oral skills with the
ability to establish rapport with staff in all sections of the Corporation and industry
• Must have competency in project planning, policy formulation and conduct monitoring
and evaluation on existing projects.
• The person we seek to appoint must have more than five (5) years’ relevant experience
in project planning, project formulation, evaluation, monitoring and implementation
and reporting.
• Proven skills in monitoring and evaluation of program and projects.


Download as pdf file. Senior Policy & Planning Officer JD

Written applications are invited from suitably qualified persons with a current CV, copies of educational qualification(s) and relevant documents in support of your application accompanied by 3 current references. Detailed job description can be obtained by emailing and the applications close at COB; 26/02/2021.

Forward written applications to;

The Human Resources & Admin Manager
Coffee Industry Corporation Ltd
P.O Box 137