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A SIGNIFICANT moment in the history of Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) took place in September with the launching of a revised edition of the PNG Coffee Handbook. 

The occasion is “an important milestone for the coffee industry”, says World Bank Representative Allan Oliver who officially launched the Handbook with Chief Executive Officer for CIC, Charles Dambui in Goroka on Thursday 8 September, 2016.

“Coffee as an industry need to do it in its own practice and this is the purpose of this Handbook,” says Mr Oliver who attended the launching on behalf of the World Bank Country Manager. 

The revised edition is a production of the CIC’s Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (coffee component) funded by the World Bank IDA (International Development Association), IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) and GoPNG. 

CEO Mr Dambui acknowledges the World Bank, IFAD and PPAP team for the effort in putting together the handbook and financing its production. The revised edition paves the way for production of Coffee Extension Manual and reintroduction of a Coffee Curriculum for schools which CIC started six years ago. 

Mr Oliver on behalf of World Bank officially handed over the Handbook to CEO of CIC Mr Dambui. The CEO then handed the book to Dr Mark Kenny, General Manager of Research, Growers & Service Division (RGSD) Aiyura who will be the custodian of the revised edition. It is a scientific or technical book for use as reference whilst the Coffee Extension Manual which will be produced by end of this year will be used by extension officers, coffee farmers, etc. 

Dr Kenny acknowledges the effort of those who contributed to the first edition published 22 years ago in 1994. This laid the foundation for the second edition to be produced. 

The PNG Coffee Handbook is a “formula” for successful coffee growing in PNG. The second edition corrected some inaccuracies identified in the 1994 edition. It is an Arabica Coffee Handbook, but knowledge of Robusta coffee is also included where appropriate. 

The second edition has new research and marketing information drawing on the experience of smallholder and commercial growers. 

The revised edition should be used as a reference document for Arabica coffee growers, coffee development planners and extension officers. It is prepared in loose-leaf form so that regular amendments can be made, without having to carry out a complete reprint of all sections. 

The Handbook is a useful resource material, not only for coffee extension officers, but all agriculture specialists including students. 

Those interested in purchasing a copy can contact Dr Mark Kenny, General Manager RGSD on telephone number 537-3511 or 537 3518. You can also email office Carolyn Iniviko on ciniviko@cic.org.pg . A copy of PNG Coffee Handbook (2nd Edition) is selling for only K100.


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Potaisa H. Hombunaka (Mr)

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