CIC launches online reporting system for PPAP coffee project

AN online Management Information System (MIS) has been launched by Coffee Industry Cooperation (CIC) to improve data collection and reporting of its industry rehabilitation activities.
The MIS was launched on Tuesday, 24 May, 2016 at Goroka-based head office by acting CEO Charles Dambui. In attendance were members of the 10th World Bank Implementation Support Mission including PNG government reps.
Mr Dambui was proud to admit that the system was developed in-house and not by an outside expert who usually charge extravagant fees for such work.
He also said the MIS will help CIC with analysing and sharing of data with stakeholders.
“The system will go a long way. CIC has lots of information on hand. This is one of the ways we can share the information online.”
Coffee rehabilitation activities are being implemented by coffee component of Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (PPAP). Project Manager Potaisa Hombunaka said gathering and reporting of data from the field by PPAP Lead Partners has been a concern. Hence the MIS will help to provide regular update of data collection on actual industry improvement activities being conducted in target areas and provinces.
The online MIS was developed by PPAP’s Senior Monitoring & Evaluation officer Abner Yalu.
He says monitoring and evaluation requires tracking of project activity and outcome progress, comparing and contrasting between success and shortfalls and understanding the underlying factors causing each. Therefore such work requires collection of data for every activity.
“The MIS will help to track, collect, store and analyses data with reports automatically generated. This system is online and can be accessed by stakeholders with data entry only through logged in Users.”
The MIS requires PPAP Lead Partners to record activity on Field Reporting Forms. That is transferred onto excel spread sheet and summaries statistics generated for their own reporting. This is consolidated at project coordination level and is sent to Monitoring and Evaluation section of the project for final data cleaning and uploading onto the MIS online database. The system has three step security check and backup system.
“There is also an operation coffee Calendar on which all Lead Partners can login and place their work plans for transparency and communication amongst all stakeholders. The MIS is a working draft and will continue to be developed into Market Access site and eventually trading online,” explains Mr Yalu.
The MIS can be accessed on
The PPAP is a coffee rehabilitation initiative of Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) funded by a loan facility from World Bank IDA (International Development Association) and IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) with counter-funding from GoPNG.

The CIC-PPAP Senior Monitoring & Evaluation officer Abner Yalu explaining the online MIS and how it will improve data collection and reporting to officials at the launching in Goroka Tuesday, 24 May. The MIS was launched by acting Chief Executive O fficer for CIC Charles Dambui witnessed by members of 10th World Bank Implementation Support Mission including PNG Government representatives.