Pundu Kas Coffee Farmer Group

Pundu Kas farmer group is situated in the Hagen Central district of Western Highlands province. 

Pundu Kas is a small holder group of 20 members that owns 9.7 hectares of coffee trees.   They are located 3 km west of Mt. Hagen city just behind the popular Kalakai Buai Market. The soil is very fertile and organic farming is prevalent for the rural people.

Pundu Kas coffees were assessed by the overseas Q graders and results show good cup attribute scores of 80 points; Cocoa, fruit cherry, good body, well integrated acidity, balanced.

The opportunity to access overseas specialty markets is available as long as they maintain high quality required by the overseas Specialty markets.


Green Coffee Nutrient Contents Garden Information Soil Nutrient Contents
Calcium: <0.1% Altitude: 1600 masl pH: 4.78
Copper: 15 mg/kg Soil Type: Mostly Black Loam Calcium: 6.12 me%
Fat: 13.40% Coffee Variety: Magnesium: 3.44 me%
Iron: 171 mg/kg Typica & Bourbon Potassium: 0.28 me%
Phosphorus: 0.29% Landform: Flat Sodium: 0.13 me%
Potassium: 1.70% Annual Rainfall: 2000 mm CEC: 44.8 me%
Protein: 12.50% Temperature: BS: 21.7%
Sodium: <0.01% 27 Degree Celsius during the day Olsen P: 2.72 mg/kg
Zinc: 12 mg/kg Organic: –
Bean Size Screens: 18/17.5 Total N: 0.86%
CIC Grade: AA/A C/N (ratio): –
Mg:K (ratio): 13.67

Location of Pundu Kas Coffee Farmer Group