CREAC Meeting Revived After 10 Years

The Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) has revived its Coffee Research & Extension Advisory Committee (CREAC) meeting after ten years of dormancy.

Chief executive officer Mr Charles Dambui said it was a positive move to bring back CREAC into the industry. “CREAC was an effective and important committee that provided an advisory role to scrutinize all CIC projects.” Mr Dambui welcomed and thanked all members who had accepted CIC’s invitation to be part of the forum, which was held on Wednesday, October 25th, 2016 in Aiyura, Eastern Highlands Province.

The current CREAC members who attended included Dr. Kulala Mulung of PNG Science & Technology Council Secretariat, Dr. Odongo Odhuno of National Research Institute, Mr Gordon Wallangas of University of Goroka(UOG), Professor Shamsul Akanda of University of Technology (UOT), Dr. Gerard Saleu of Institute of Medical Research (IMR), Mr Steven Goie of Institute of National Affairs, Mr William Kerua of UOT,Mr Thomalis Hoa of National Development Bank, Mr Gad Wamiri of Plantations and Processors Association and Mr Johannes Pakatul of National Agricultural Research Institute.

The forum has been brought back after 10 years since the last meeting in 2006.

Mr Dambui added that the organisation would like to receive as much as possible feedbacks and critiques from external experts through this forum to guide and move the industry forward.

“We are guided by such a forum to deliver on what we need to deliver.” He said the forum provided a platform on which officers could reflect on their abilities and relevance to the industry. He further encouraged all staff to readily accept suggestions and critiques as a way forward.

Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Projects (PPAP) Program Manager Mr. Potaisa Hombunaka spoke on how effective and important the CREAC meetings had been useful in the past. “I arrived in Aiyura on January 2nd, 1986 when the Coffee Research Institute was newly established and very vibrant under this committee that drove the research agendas of the industry.”

He said things went down over the years and was glad the forum has been revived. “A lot of you have not gone through the intense scrutiny before this committee.” Mr Hombunaka challenged scientists and staff to use the opening forum as a learning experience and prepare well for the future meetings to come.

The CREAC committee screens projects and approves for funding that are relevant to the coffee industry. The recent meeting will pave the way forward for future forums and bring back order into the industry. It has been an important committee where they take decisions and make firm recommendations to the CIC board for approving relevant and current projects.

Mr Dambui acknowledged PPAP for making the first forum possible and for allocating funds to hold another forum next year.

The recent meeting saw research, extension, industry regulations and support staff present various projects and updates to the CREAC members.

Dr Gerard Saleu of IMR said he was impressed with the kind of presentations at the forum and commended the officers to continue on what they have begun.

CREAC members together with CIC management and staff at the recent meeting held in Aiyura on 25th October, 2016.