THE newly appointed directors of Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) will meet tomorrow, Friday 16 December to formalise the appointment of Chairman and deputy Chairman.

The meeting to be attended by 12 board members will be conducted at the CIC’s AL Hurrell board room in Goroka.

The operation and conduct of the Board of Directors including the appointment/revocation of a chairman/deputy is guided by the constitution as adopted 2003. “Clause 17 of the CIC Constitution outline the process of appointing the chairman/deputy” explained by the Company Secretary/Lawyer, Ms. Wilma Banake-Agusave.

Ms Banake-Agusave clarifies that an earlier statement by Minister for Agriculture & Livestock Tommy Tomscoll on the Board chairman position can only be formalised through the process as per CIC constitution.

During the swearing in of eight board members on Friday 4 November in Goroka, Minister Tomscoll said “there should not be any lobbying for the chair position of CIC Board”.

He added: “This organization belongs to the growers, therefore it is proper that the chairman of PNG Smallholders Coffee Growers Association (SHCGA) Inc. chair the Coffee Industry Corporation Board”.

Ms Banake-Agusave clarifies that CIC Board of Directors will follow the process outlined in the CIC Constitution to formalise the chairmanship.

The term of the last CIC Board expired in 2013 resulting in the National Executive Council (NEC) through the Ministry and DAL finalizing the appointment of the new board of directors after almost two and half years.

Before Friday’s inaugural board meeting, CIC will host the swearing in for the remaining four board members on Thursday 15th December at its head office in Goroka.

The four directors to take an oath are Jack Kulam (WHP SHCGA), Peter Hawii (Southern region SHCGA), Secretary or Alternate (Department of Commerce Trade & Industry) and Secretary or Alternate (Department of Treasury). 

The administrating of Oath will be by Eastern Highlands Senior Provincial Magistrate Gerard Vetunawa.

The Secretary for Department of Agriculture & Livestock Dr Vele Pat Illa’ava will give an official address at the ceremony to be followed by closing remarks by one appointed director and CEO Charles Dambui. 

The eight board members who already took an oath were non-ex officio directors and an ex-officio director namely Joseph Kom (Simbu Smallholders Coffee Growers Association-SHCGA), Jerry Anisi (Momase SHCGA), Patrick Komba (Enga & others SHCGA), Mr Gad Wamiri (Plantation & Processors Association),  Nick Ello (EHP SHCGA), Henry Ame (Exporter’s Council),  Ellison Ketauwo (PNG Blockholders Coffee Growers Association) and DAL secretary. 

Earlier Minister Tomscoll congratulated the new members and challenged them to uphold the values and vision of CIC.

“You are here because there is an association that recommended you to come to the CIC board.”

“Your first responsibility is not to this board, but to ensure that the association you represent is functional and is operating. You must continue to consult with your association members and hold association meetings.”

The Minister noted that many smallholder associations in the provinces were ineffective or did not operate by way of consultations with their chairman. 

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Charles Dambui




“Yumi lukautim Kofi na Kofi bai lukautim Yumi”