Boost for coffee growing as industry donates tools

THE Coffee Industry Corporation’s productive partnerships in agriculture project (CIC-PPAP) is continuing to support farmers with tools and materials to improve their gardens.
The latest was for 110 farmers from the Mt Michael range in Lufa, Eastern Highlands.
The farmers and their families received the tools on Thursday.
The villagers were part of the 1500 farmers in Lufa taking part in the CIC-PPAP’s industry rehabilitation project.
The PPAP coffee component is financing the project.
Farmer Maria Kaneba, of Senamama village, was dressed in her best for the occassion.
Field technical consultant Maureen Kahento on behalf of CIC-PPAP told the farmers: “With the training on best practices taught to you by CDA Goroka extension officers and field assistants who have been here for a week, I urge you take ownership of the tools and use them in your gardens.”
Project manager Potaisa Hombunaka said a farmer paid only five per cent or K100 of the total cost of K2000 of the tools.
“The sad reality is many growers can’t afford these tools and materials so it doesn’t make sense telling them to produce more quality coffee without providing the necessary tools,” he said.
“With coffee borer presence the government through CIC must mass procure this rehabilitation items and make them available to all coffee growers to contain the dreaded pest.”