CEO’s Secretariat

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The Secretariat comprises:

  • Board secretariat;
  • Industry support coordination;
  • Public relations; and
  • Planning, monitoring and evaluation.

These are offices and functions that report directly to the CEO.

Board Secretariat and Industry Relations

The main functions of the secretariat include:

  • secretarial and support duties to the Board,
  • administer CIC policies, Act and Constitution,
  • conduct of AGMs and Board meetings,
  • preparation and lodgement of annual returns and reports,
  • provide support services to the industry subsectors,
  • management of legal matters,
  • manage public relations activities and support to CEO’s office.

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Office

The PM & E supports the coordination and administers all programs and projects in the CIC. The PM & E provides the necessary liaison between EXCO and the CIC’s project teams. The project teams may be located in PM & E or elsewhere depending on circumstances such as the size of the project team, term of the project, logistics issues and others.

A full time PM & E Manager reporting to CEO will manage the Projects office. Functions performed by the PM&E include:

  • Facilitate CIC’s planning, monitoring and evaluation process;
  • Acting as a catalyst for the projects process;
  • Tracking, analysing and collating project reports;
  • Reporting on the progress of projects against planned milestones, and act as an early warning mechanism for the EXCO on project slippage;
  • Undertaking a quality control function on the CIC project process, providing guidance to the project teams and input to the EXCO as necessary.
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