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Vision Statement

CIC facilitate structural changes in coffee industry to help it reach consistent production of 3 million bags by 2030 generating over K1.5 billion.

Mission Statement

To provide enabling regulatory environment and facilitate industry development through research, extension, information sharing and market development services to bring better financial returns to the coffee value chain actors.


By virtue of Coffee Industry Corporation Act (1991), the CIC Ltd is mandated to: Conduct research into coffee production, processing, and marketing of Papua New Guinea Coffee. Provide extension services to the coffee industry including training, education and information dissemination. Regulate coffee quality, industry trade and guard the industry from the effects of antagonistic policies and threats whether national or international. Guard the industry against pests and diseases, environmental, ecological and bio-chemical instructions.

Corporate Values

The following core values underpin the culture in CIC and key principles which guide the Board, management and staff of the Corporation:

1. Respect
Recognizing and promoting diversity and different roles played by individuals and stakeholders in developing this truly national commodity.

2. Accountability
We take full responsibility for our actions and results and through this we will improve public confidence in the Corporation.

3. Integrity
We protect and enhance the Corporation’s reputation by demonstrating respect for others, fairness, honesty and moral values and upholding good governance.

4. Transparency
We will make decisions based on sound policies and processes that are clearly communicated and understood by our stakeholders.

5. Teamwork
We share our knowledge and skills and respect each other’s contribution in achieving the common goals of the Corporation. We put the interest of the team above the interest of the individual.

6. Innovation
We are a new organization pioneering into new areas of knowledge and research and the Corporation which has the best local knowledge about all aspects of coffee in PNG.

7. Competence
We are committed to being highly skilled and knowledgeable, aiming to always apply industry best practices.

* In order to assist the CIC and the stakeholders understand and adhere to the corporate values a pneumonic aid is developed and this is:

‘RAIT’ captures the Attitude values of the CIC while ‘TIC’ captures the Intellectual underpinning values of the CIC. These values will provide the impetus that will be the driving force behind CIC’s responsibilities as outlined in our vision, mission and mandate, and duly supported by the PNG Coffee Industry Strategic Plan 2008 – 2018.

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