CIC Organizational Structure

The Coffee Industry Corporation Limited is incorporated under the Companies Act and conferred with powers to be responsible for industry regulation, research and extension as set out in its Constitution. Regulatory powers and functions were conferred upon it by Parliament under the CIC (Statutory Functions & Powers) Act 1991.

The CIC exists to provide leadership, facilitative and support services to the Papua New Guinea Coffee Industry. The three pillars and the strategies that has been developed in support of our role will be facilitated by the core functions of the CIC through:

Coffee Research, Extension and Growers Support Services
Regulation and Policy that will support Promotion and Market Intelligence
Corporate Support Services

CIC Functional Structure

The following is a diagram of the CIC functional structure.

CIC Executive Committee

The purpose of the Executive Committee (EXCO) is to facilitate the process of resource allocation and prioritization and to make appropriate recommendations to the Chief Executive Officer and the Board for approval. The EXCO is a committee of the CEO and the Board as a think-tank and driver of high impact activities carried out by CIC to ensure efficiency, accountability and to achieve desired returns on investments.

Coffee Research & Extension Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Coffee Research and Extension Advisory Committee (CREAC) is to support the role of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation office to provide the monitoring and evaluation of CIC operations in research, extension, coffee inspection, export control and socio-economic studies and activities.

All other functions of the organisation structure are respective of the two main divisions of the CIC with the commercial operations of the corporation functioning as the business arm.

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