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Coffee Cherry Trade Policy

The CIC Board responded to Coffee growers concerned in declaring five [5] Highlands Provinces of PNG a restricted region in trading of cherry coffee. The policy was immediately taken on by the management and a Cherry Trade working Committee was appointed to drive the implement process. The policy existence was primarily to deal with the problem of cherry theft which […]


The CIC through its licensing process aims to provide standards and discipline into the conduct of industry players, ensuring minimum acceptable standard of farms inputs, factory equipment, mills and processing plants is maintained to produce quality coffee. The CIC licensing categories as specified in its Corporation Act, 1991 are; Manufacturer, Exporter, Processor-Wet & Dry, and Permit to Build. Licenses are […]


The regulation of the coffee industry is enforced through routine inspections. The Inspections section polices the industry to ensure all coffee dealers are complying with procedures and guidelines put in place by the CIC. The Inspections and Licensing section issues licenses to dealers and conducts inspections to all licensed coffee dealers, roadside coffee buyers and other properties and premises where […]

Quality Control

Quality is a priority with exports of coffee. Quality control practices are enforced by the CIC to. The Quality and Export Control Units facilitate quality assessments and certifications and export documentation for smooth transition of coffee for shipment to overseas buyers. Registrations of contracts agreed between exporter and importer are also registered for regulating requirements. Preparation of export documentation is […]

Export Control

Exports are controlled by the Export Office in Lae. The bulk of the coffee ready for exporting are usually checked by the Export Control team to ensure it is following set guidelines put in place by the CIC. This is to ensure that CIC retains part of the Levy that is received for every export. Quality is a priority with […]

Regulations & Compliance

The Coffee Industry Corporation Limited whilst it is a company registered under the Companies Act of Papua New Guinea is at the same time vested with statutory functions and powers relating to the control and regulation of the coffee industry in the country. These functions and powers are implemented by the Industry Regulations section of the CIC and aims to […]