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Weekly Market Report – 13th June 2021

A strange week in which the lack of any positive fundamental news combined with a stronger US dollar pushed prices down.  There was a bit of a rally on Wednesday, but it lacked conviction and above all momentum, especially as other commodity and equity markets were also subject to the same malaise.  Over the week arabica coffee prices retreated by […]

Weekly Market Report – 06th June 2021

It was perhaps inevitable that after the tremendous jump in prices seen over the last few weeks that both markets would pause to take stock.  Initially profit taking forced prices down on both markets but both markets rebounded on Friday to recover most of what had been lost.  Indeed, robusta coffee prices finished higher.  Over the week arabica coffee prices […]

Weekly Market Report – 31 May 2021

Another extraordinary week with coffee prices surging upwards following Brazilian Government warnings of severe droughts across many of the States of the country.  This is the first time in 111 years that the Government has issued such a warning.  There are fears that the drought will not only affect production of agricultural crops but also the generation of electricity.  As […]

Weekly Market Report – 23 May 2021

Reports that the current dry weather in Brazil will continue for a bit longer than usual plus a smaller than expected increase in GCA stocks helped to push the market much higher this week.  Most of the increase occurred on Tuesday when arabica prices leapt up by 7 cents/lb but for the rest of the week the market appeared uncertain […]

Weekly Market Report – 16 May 2021

Against expectations both markets retreated from the highs reached last week.  Prices on both markets are still higher than they were two weeks ago, but expectations of further increases were unfulfilled.  There were a number of attempts by speculators to push prices higher, but all failed to attract momentum and came to nothing.  Arabica coffee prices lost 7.90 cents/lb over […]

Weekly Market Report – 09 May 2021

Although it was anticipated that prices would continue to rise this week, the jump seen was, in all honesty, above expectations. There was a combination of both macro and technical factors which played a part in this week’s rally, including a cut in the ICO’s forecast of global production and reports of continuing dry weather across Brazil. Arabica coffee prices […]

Weekly Market Report – 02 May 2021

Well, the week started off positively moving upwards aggressively, but then sentiment changed and prices tumbled throughout the latter half of the week.  Both markets remained in positive territory, but the gains looked too good to be missed and speculators took their profit.  Arabica coffee prices finished the week 2.95 cents/lb higher while robusta gained $40/ton (1.85 cents/lb).  In the […]

Weekly Market Report – 25th April 2021

Arabica coffee prices rose strongly this week partly in response to more bullish reports from various financial institutions but also in response to a strengthening Brazilian Real. Some analysts also pointed to a hailstorm in Brazil which caused no major damage but was a powerful reminder to market participants that winter is approaching in Brazil.  Arabica coffee prices gained 7.3 […]

Weekly Market Report – 18 April 2021

It had looked as though it would be a very good week on both markets, despite there not being any significant fresh fundamental news, but a sudden and dramatic turnaround on Friday in reaction to what many saw as disappointing GCA data completely altered the picture. Nevertheless, both markets finished the week higher with arabica coffee prices gaining 2.05 cents/lb […]

Weekly Market Report – 11 April 2021

As suggested last week, prices on the both markets rebounded this week, although the bounce was not sufficient to recover all of the ground lost the week before. One of the factors behind the jump was a report from Citibank predicting that as a result of the global deficit, prices would rise dramatically.  There were also reports published this week […]