CIC has also produced a number of industry related newsletters for its industry stakeholders over a number of years now. These publications provide latest news from the CIC and includes technical abstracts of research findings by CIC scientists and researchers. The issues for each years are now available for download below.

2020 Newsletter

CIC Newsletter – Dec 2020 Issue

2019 Newsletter

CIC Newsletter December Issue

CIC Newsletter 2019 Dec Issue

CIC newsletter 2019 1st Quarter

2018 Newsletter

CIC newsletter 2018 3rd Quarter

CIC newsletter 2018 2nd Quarter

CIC newsletter 2018 1st Quarter

2017 Newsletter

CIC newsletter 2017 2nd Quarter

CIC newsletter 2017 1st Quarter

2016 Newsletter

CIC newsletter 2016 4th Quarter

CIC newsletter 2016 3rd Quarter

CIC newsletter 2016 1st Quarter

2015 Newsletter

CIC newsletter 2015 4th Quarter

CIC newsletter 2015 3rd Quarter

CIC newsletter 2015 2nd Quarter

CIC newsletter 2015 1st Quarter

2014 Newsletter

CIC newsletter 2014 Special Edition

2011 Newsletter

CIC newsletter 2011 1st Quarter

How to receive newsletter issue

Should you wish to become a recipient of a printed copy of our newsletter publications please submit your expressions of interest to the Media Liaison Officer through email: Or you can write your expression of interest and send it to the following address:

Media Liaison Officer
Coffee Industry Corporation Ltd
Industry & Operations Division
P.O Box 137, GOROKA 441
Eastern Highlands Province
Papua New Guinea

We appreciate any feedback on the technical issues presented
in each of our publications so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss
your technical views or your general comments and suggestions.

Our technical staff are also on hand to provide further clarifications or more
information on the articles presented. Please submit your enquiries to the
above contact details or you can contact them directly via the phone numbers
presented on the Contacts page.