CIC Urges MPs To Counter Fund Rural Road Works

THE Coffee Industry Corporation’s Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (CIC-PPAP) is urging local MPs to prioritize construction of rural roads in their electorates.

Project Manager Mr Potaisa Hombunaka said this when welcoming Okapa MP Hon. Saki Hacky Soloma to CIC-PPAP office in Goroka on Tuesday 24 October, 2017.

The first-term MP made a quite visit to discuss and support planning and documentation processes for construction of a 12.9 kilometre Yasubi-Takai Purosa access road in the East Okapa LLG of Eastern Highlands Province.

“This is a productive partnership project. The approach we taking with MPs and District Development Authorities (DDAs) is for them to take ownership of the roads.”

Mr Soloma was very supportive and announce to use Okapa District Support Improvement Program (DSIP) funds in whatever way he can to provide counter funding.

It is a loop road that will directly service six villages namely Yasubi, Ivingoi, Purosa, Ketabi, Ivaki and Urai. The surrounding villages some kilometres away will use this road as well are Amora, Kume, Waisa, Kalu and Kaimira. The road will benefit over 35,000 population of East Okapa including close to 4,000 CIC-PPAP farmers under CIC-PPAP partnerships Monpi Coffee and Coffee Connections (Highlands Organic Agriculture Cooperative).

“Funding to DSIPs has reduced and I’m looking for such opportunities.

“My approach is to use DSIP funds as seed capital and I’m keen to help.

“I’m open –minded and like to work with everyone including CIC and financiers of its coffee rehabilitation project World Bank and IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development).

“Coffee is there but road is a big problem. If there is anything I can do as MP-elect for Okapa in terms of counter-funding I will support.

“My number one priority is road infrastructure of my electorate. Everything else can wait,” says Mr Soloma.

Mr Hombunaka says the Central Supply and Tenders Board (CSTB) should advertise by end of November, 2017 for suitable companies to submit their bid.

The project manager expects actual road works to begin in the first three months of 2018.

The MP for Obura-Wonenara Hon. Mehrra Minne Kipefa and his DDA were the first to partner CIC-PPAP for construction of a Works standard 5km road in the Lamari LLG of Tairora area.

Contract signing for the 5km Nombia-Bibiori road took place at the CSTB office in Port Moresby on Friday 20 October, 2017.

The local MP and Minister for Labour & Industrial Relations says the road will open up the area referred to as the back page of Eastern Highlands for other services like in health and education.

With productive partnership with DDA and PPAP actually over 20 km of road will be rehabilitated beginning from Norikori Junction to Bibiori. The first 15km is being funded and or counter funded together.

This March/April the DDA through its DSIP fund financed the construction of a 7km access road from Norikori junction to Barabundora Junction. The other 9km from there to Nombia will be counter funded by the DDA and PPAP as per discussion between Minister Kipefa and CIC-PPAP.

Construction of rural roads comes under component 3 of CIC-PPAP to improve road and market access for farmers and general population. It is a CIC project through Department of Agriculture & Livestock, financed by a loan facility from World Bank and IFAD, with counter funding from PNG Government.


Potaisa Hombunaka (Mr)
Project Manager of CIC-PPAP

(L-R) The CIC-PPAP manager Mr Potaisa Hombunaka, MP for Okapa Saki Hacky Soloma (seated), Johnem Pusa (CIC inspector), Ms Maureen Kahento (CIC-PPAP field technical officer), Robert Kokau (Managing Director HOAC), Ricky Eno (Deputy Chairman HOAC), James Sipa (Executive Officer to MP) and Joseph D. Liul (DAL Okapa)
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