Eastern Highlands Province

Eastern Highlands Province is a highland province of Papua New Guinea. The capital of the province is Goroka. EHP covers an area of 11,200 km2 and has a population of 432,972 (2000 census). Eastern Highlands Province is reachable by road and air transport.


Eastern Highlands is known for its rugged mountain terrain and broad valleys. It has low coastal areas in the Markham and Ramu valleys. The two highest mountain peaks, Mt Tabletop and Mt Michael are located on Kratke and Bismark range respectively. They rise at a height of more than 3000m above sea level. Mt Michael is situated 3750m above sea level while Mt Tabletop is at 3686 meters. From Goroka to Kainantu areas, altitude range at 1548 to 1898 meters above sea level.

Asaro and Lamari rivers flow into the Puraari which is one of the PNG’s five major river systems. The Yonki Hydro-Power Station is fed by the Ramu River. The province is entered through the Kassam Pass and exited to other highlands provinces at Daulo Pass. Kassam Pass offers a picturesque view of the Markham and Ramu valleys while Daulo Pass reveals a breath taking view of Goroka’s lush, green valleys.


Monthly rainfall follows a seasonal pattern with a wet season from December to early April having a mean monthly rainfall of 203mm to 305mm. A dry season follows with monthly rainfall range of 51 mm to 102 mm. The months of April –May and October – November tend to be transitional. Maximum temperature in Goroka for the whole year is 26 degree Celsius (NRI PNG Districts & Provincial profiles, 2010).


There are eight (8) districts in Eastern Highlands province of which two are where the Coffee Profiling project is located; Kainantu and Gorokadistricts. Tiredne and Timuza farmer groups are located in the Kainantu district while Nagamiufa farmers live just outside of Goroka town.


Eastern Highlands is the second largest coffee producer to Western Highlands. Coffee is the main cash crop in the province.The people of Eastern Highlands are also involved in producing sweet potato, potato and banana, broccoli, cabbages etc, as well as spices for local consumers and other markets in Lae and Port Moresby.

Eastern Highlands Coffee Cup Profile

Common cup intrinsic qualities – sweet, cocoa/chocolate and spicy aromas, with cup, tea-like body, good mouth-feel, clean, good body, lemon taste, a delicate sweet fruity and lingering after-taste in coffees.

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