Simbu Province

Simbu, officially spelled as Chimbu Province is a highland province of Papua New Guinea. The capital of the province is Kundiawa. The province covers an area of 6,100 km2 and has a population of 259,703 (2000 census). The tallest mountain in Papua New Guinea, Mt Wilhelm is on the border of Simbu.


Simbu in the local dialect really means Sipuuuu, which means “thank you”. Simbu is located in the central highlands cordillera of Papua New Guinea. It shares geographical boundaries with 5 provinces: Western Highlands, Eastern Highlands, Southern Highlands, Gulf and Madang. It is a significant source of organically produced coffee. Simbu is a province with very rugged mountainous terrains.


Annual rainfalls totals are significantly higher: 3386 mm at Karamui and 4855 mm at Unani on the Bomai plateau while only 2224 mm on most flat land areas of Simbu. Typical Daily temperature range 28.5oC during the day to 20 oC at night. Alltitudes of the five main districts excluding Karamui falls at the lower 1599 in Kerowagi and highest 1920 meters above sea level in the Kundiawa area.


There are six (6) districts in Simbu province of which five have the Coffee Profiling project undertaken; Chuave, Gumine, Kerowagi, Kundiawa-Gembogl and Sina Sina Yongomugl districts. Almost all districts of Simbu province participate in the Coffee Flavour Profiling Project. Only Karamiu-Nomane district is excluded because it is only accessible by small planes.


Most locals are coffee growers and work their own small holder blocks. People also engaged in producing spices and other market produce for local consumers, apart from coffee production.

Simbu Coffee Cup Profile

Common cup intrinsic qualities – .sweet fruity, floral, cocoa/chocolate and caramel aromas with cup, sweet fruity, tropical fruits, melon, honey, sweet citrus, smooth, pineapple, black-currant, juicy, complex, clean and good body in coffees.

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