PNG’s Locations

Situated just north of Australia and located toward the south-western end of the Pacific, Papua New Guinea shares the eastern end of the small island of New Guinea with West Papuan province of Indonesia. PNG has a subtropical climate which is ideal for the growing of coffee. Coffee is mainly grown in the highlands region, where the climate is suitable for cultivation of the crop. Recently an adaptive variety called Robusta has been introduced to the lower lying coastal areas. The main variety grown in the highlands is Arabica. The variety Robusta is however suitable only for growth in low lying coastal areas.

The main coffee growing provinces, as shown by the map above, are Eastern Highlands, Western Highlands, Chimbu, Enga and Southern Highlands, all of which are in the highlands region. The majority of the nation’s coffee is produced from these provinces. Other coastal provinces growing Robusta variety and some Arabica variety include Morobe, Central, Gulf, Milne Bay, Madang, East and West Sepik, East New Britain and New Ireland provinces. All these provinces are situated in the low lying coastal areas of Papua New Guinea.

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