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Lumba farmer group are situated in the Baiyer district of Western Highlands province, sharing the border with Enga province. Lumba Coffee Group is 15-20 kilometers North-West from Mount Hagen city. The roads to Baiyer –Lumusa are sealed right through to the villages but road works by Government contractors are still continuing on. This road system will link to the Madang province which is along the coast. Lumba group is situated along the popular Baiyer river that leads to the famous Sepik river.

Ecologically Baiyer-Lumusa is very unique compared to the rest of the districts in WHP and that is where the Baiyer Zoo Bird of Paradise Sanctuary was founded. The climate is similar to that of the coast due to the internal circulation of warm air from the coast. Crops of coastal lowlands like betelnut and mango thrive there overwhelmingly.

Lumba coffee Association has a membership of over 5000 farmers and they organically grow all their coffees. They are able to produce over about 1800 bags of Green Bean every year. Western Highlands province is the largest producer of PNG export coffee and Baiyer-Lumusa districts produce second highest quantity, running behind Dei district in coffee production. The farmer group has a good storage house where the group store their dried parchment coffee bags before marketing.

Lumba coffees were assessed by the Five Senses Coffee in Perth and Melbourne and results show good cup profile at the average of 83.5 points. Aroma: Milk Chocolate, Nutty. Cup: Heavy bodied, coating, intense flavors, some very ripe berry, stewed fruit, apricot.

This is a very good specialty coffee that has potential to fetch better prices in the specialty markets to improve the livelihood of the people. This group has the biggest membership and has all the opportunity to access overseas specialty markets as well as the conventional markets.

Green Coffee Nutrient ContentsGarden InformationSoil Nutrient Contents
Calcium: <0.1%Altitude: 1275 – 1330 maslpH: –
Copper: 38 mg/kgSoil Type: Clay loam, silt loam & loamCalcium: 10.30 me%
Fat: 11.90%Coffee Variety: Bourbon & TypicaMagnesium: 5.11 me%
Iron: 93 mg/kgLandform: Slope & HillsidesPotassium: 0.55 me%
Phosphorus: 0.40%Annual Rainfall: 2000 mmSodium: 0.17 me%
Potassium: 1.50%Temperature: 27 Degree Celsius during the dayCEC: 16.0 me%
Protein: 5.00% BS: 104.5%
Sodium: <0.01% Olsen P: 2.13mg/kg
Zinc: 11mg/kg Organic: 6.06%
Bean Size Screens: 17.5/18 Total N: 0.36%
CIC Grade: AA/A C/N (ratio): 16.67
  Mg:K (ratio): 11.33

Map of Lumba Coffee Farmer Group

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