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Mindima farmer group are located approximately 3 km North-East of the township of Kundiawa, Simbu Province and is situated close to the main highway.

Mindima is a small holder group of over 42 members that owns over 15 hectares of coffee trees. They have easy access to roads and are not far from the main Highlands highway.

The group has a wet mill for fermenting coffee, a project funded by ACIAR. They also have an electric pulper and a generator to run the small wet mill.

The farmer group has a good storage house where the group store their dried parchment coffee bags before marketing.

Mindima coffees were assessed by the overseas Q graders and results show cup average score of 80 points with attributes of fruit, good body but has more room for improvements with the new crop.

Green Coffee Nutrient ContentsGarden InformationSoil Nutrient Contents
Calcium: <0.1%Soil Type: Clay loampH: 5.23
Copper: 16mg/kgCoffee Variety: Typica, Bourbon & ArushaCalcium: 11.38 me%
Fat: 10.60%Landform: FlatMagnesium: 6.57 me%
Iron: 54 mg/kgAnnual Rainfall: 2200 mmPotassium: 0.45 me%
Phosphorus: 0.39%Temperature: 28.5 Degree Celsius during the daySodium: 0.21 me%
Potassium: 1.50% CEC: 26.2 me%
Protein: 12.90% BS: 70.0%
Sodium: <0.01% Olsen P: 3.23 mg/kg
Zinc: 17 mg/kg Organic: 5.14%
Bean Size Screens: 18/17.5 Total N: 0.34%
CIC Grade: AA/AA C/N (ratio): 15.33
  Mg:K (ratio): 14.67

Map of Mindima

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