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Nagamiufa farmer group is situated in the Eastern Highlands Province approximately 3km West of the township of Goroka, a few kilometers past the University of Goroka along the main highway.

Nagamiufa coffee farms are at the altitude range of 1546-1604m above sea level and the soil where coffee is grown is mostly black loam.

The group has good clean water supply for pulping and washing wet beans. They have a motorized drum pulper and dry coffee on raised beds and also tarpaulin on ground level.

The group is made up of about 40 farmers and are mostly smallholder and plantation coffee owners who have come together to form the group. The group owns nearly 40,000 coffee trees and was able to produce 720 kg of green bean in 2010.

Nagamiufa coffees were assessed by overseas Q graders and results show the following cup characteristics; Chocolate, spicy, some juiciness, and a long finish.

Green Coffee Nutrient Contents Garden Information Soil Nutrient Contents
Calcium: <0.1% Altitude: 1548 – 1604 masl pH: 5.1
Copper: 13mg/kg Soil Type: Mostly black loam Calcium: 11.31 me%
Fat: 11.00% Coffee Variety: Bourbon & Typica  Magnesium: 5.25 me%
Iron: 59 mg/kg Landform: Slope Potassium: 0.42 me%
Phosphorus: 0.34% Annual Rainfall: 2436 – 3660 mm Sodium: 0.13 me%
Potassium: 1.20% Temperature: 26 Degree Celsius during the day
CEC: 24.2 me%
Protein: 12.40%   S: 75 me%
Sodium: <0.01%   Olsen P: 4.24 mg/kg
Zinc: 9.1 mg/kg   Organic: 5.37%
Bean Size Screens:17.5/16.5   Total N: 0.32%
CIC Grade: A/B   C/N (ratio): 16.67
    Mg:K (ratio): 4.33

Map of Nagamiufa

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