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Nobal Tai farmer group is situated a few kilometers North of Minj and South-East of Banz in the new Jiwaka province.

Nobal Tai is a block holder group that owns 16 hectares of coffee trees. They have easy access to roads and are near the Kosem Coffee Exporter and Processor.

Nobal Tai has a membership of over 50 farmers and they organically grow all their coffees. They produce over 100-300 parchment bags every year. They have a very good wet mill with new tiles on the fermentation floor; a recommendation made by overseas specialty trainers after the Coffee Cupping Training which they conducted together with the Coffee Industry Corporation Ltd in 2011.

The farmer group has a good storage house where the group store their dried parchment coffee bags before marketing.

Nobal Tai coffees were assessed by the Five Senses Coffee in Perth and Melbourne and results show good cup attributes and score at the average of 83.5 points; Aroma: Malt, Butter, Toffee, Sweet. Cup: Clean, Juicy, yellow apple, soft acidity, sweet capsicum, balanced, sweet.

This is a very good specialty coffee that has potential to fetch good prices in the specialty markets.

This block holder group employs workers around their community during the coffee season to pick coffee cherries and lately after the Cupping Training in Goroka in August 2011, supervisors have been strict on workers to only pick red ripe cherries. Penalties were imposed by cutting wages of workers who pick green cherries. They have the opportunity to access overseas specialty markets.

Green Coffee Nutrient ContentsGarden InformationSoil Nutrient Contents
Calcium: <0.1%Altitude: 1611 – 1635 maslpH: –
Copper: 16 mg/kgSoil Type: Black loamCalcium: 8.48 me%
Fat: 12.00%Coffee Variety:Typica, Bourbon & Arusha Magnesium: 3.13 me%
Iron: 61 mg/kgLandform: FlatPotassium: 0.43 me%
Phosphorus: 0.28%Annual Rainfall: 2000 mmSodium: 0.11 me%
Potassium: 1.50%Temperature: 27 Degree Celsius during the dayCEC: 12.3 me%
Protein: 12.40% BS: 112.5%
Sodium: <0.01% Olsen P: 7.06 mg/kg
Zinc: 12 mg/kg Organic: 7.64%
Bean Size Screens: 18/17.5 Total N: 0.48%
CIC Grade: AA/A C/N (ratio): 16.0
  Mg:K (ratio): 9.00

Map of Nobal Tai Coffee Farmer Group

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