Officers Complete Police Training

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Thirty-one officers of the Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) have completed a four-week reserve police training in Aiyura, Eastern Highlands.
The officers were taken through various drills and training sessions which included learning the Constitution, court procedures, powers of arrest, rights of arrested persons, use of force, application of judges’ rules and safe handling of firearms.
Police Commissioner Gari Baki on Friday announced the appointment of the officers as reservists.
Baki said CIC was one of a few organisations to come on board to partner with police to help address the issues of law and order in the country.
“For CIC, this graduation of 31 officers is a relief to the organisation in terms of enforcement of rules and regulations of the CIC Act,” he said.
“You have been empowered as police reservists to arrest, charge and prosecute offenders, and more importantly, protect assets, staff members and families and the communities that you are expected to serve.”
Baki said policing in PNG was “very challenging and unique”.

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