Participants complete coffee processing training

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Participants complete coffee processing training

Coffee extension officers from the Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) together with coffee stakeholders undertook a 2 weeks intensive workshop on coffee processing at the Kosem Coffee Ltd in Banz, Jiwaka Province.

The workshop started on August 14th and ended on August 25th, 2023.

Participants were taken through hands-on training on new processing methods for Washed Honey and Natural coffee.

Workshop facilitator and owner of Kosem Coffee Limited, Mark Munnull said all of the methods under the two processes (honey & naturals) were recommended depending on one’s market requirements. He said a total of 15 processing methods (5 washed, 6 natural and 4 washed) were trialed by participants.

During the first week of the workshop, participants collected data from the two processes, measuring the sugar level of the coffee cherries using a Brix Meter, temperature readings and moisture content using a Moisture meter.

Munnull told the participants that the importance of data collection was to know your product’s variables. “There is no limit to taking data. It will become your reference point for your product.”

He said the biggest slice of the pie was still the commodity market. For the specialty markets, it is slowly growing in PNG. He said the market is there for specialty coffee, which honey and natural processing fall under as well as the new washed processing method which is different to the traditional method PNG is known for.

“However, no one wants to risk it. We have to guarantee buyers abroad and give them confidence by getting all these things reported in terms of coffee profiles and lock in volume for a year. We have to standardise the processes we use as an industry and follow the same processes over time to give buyers confidence in the product they are buying especially when we create cup profiles.”

Munnull added that for most coffee cooperatives to adopt such specialty coffee processes, the

groups have to operate in a business oriented way. “It has to be run as a business. Somebody as part of the group must run it as a business for the group. We cannot be doing the same thing and expecting a different result,” he said.

Participants after the training will be able to take back what best fits their respective settings and the groups they work with to standardise a certain method for specific markets.

Chief operating officer of CIC Mr Steven Tumae said the training is an activity under an MOU between the Coffee Industry Corporation and Pacific Horticulture and Agriculture Market Access (PHAMA) Plus program. “CIC is grateful for the continued support of the PHAMA Plus Program. “The training is timely for the industry. Apart from the training, another outcome under the MOU would be the completion of three processing manuals (honey, washed and natural) which will be made available for the industry.”

CIC officers and industry participants with facilitator and owner of Kosem Coffee Ltd, Mark Munnul (centre) at the Kosem Coffee factory in Banz, Jiwaka.

Steven Tumae (Mr)
Chief Operations Officer

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