The Coffee Industry Corporation has over the years implemented projects which have benefited the coffee industry of Papua New Guinea. These projects include infrastructure and capacity development in support of research and extension programs. The majority of the funding for these projects have either been sourced internally for small-scale projects or funded externally through donor agencies for larger projects.

Government Assistance

The Government has a major role to play in the funding of coffee research and extension, but has abdicated this role to the industry since 1997. The GoPNG has recently developed and launched the National Agriculture Development Plan (NADP) with which Government funding will be allocated for the agriculture sector, of which coffee is an integral focus of this plan. CIC has there responded to the plan with the implementation of appropriate projects targeting coffee farmers with the aim of improving production of quality coffee.


As for donors, the European Union (EU) continues to show interest in maintaining its support to the industry through the funding of various projects. Currently the EU has approved K3.5m worth of coffee projects managed by the CIC. A further K2.6m is said to be available to the industry.

AusAID has also shown great interest in funding CIC projects under the Agricultural Research and Development Support Facility (ARDSF) and Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR). ACIAR is supporting Coffee Research projects in the areas of crop protection and post harvest and market chain analysis on various marketing systems.

All of the donor funded projects that are implemented and have been implemented by the CIC are managed by the Project Monitoring and Evaluation (PM & E) Unit of the CIC.

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