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Paunda farmer group is situated a few kilometers South-West of Mt Hagen city in the Nebilyer district of Western Highlands province on the border of WHP and Southern Highlands Province (SHP).

Paunda is a small holder group of about 100 members and they own over 14 hectares of coffee trees. Each farmer owns about 3 hectares each on average. Recent plantings in 2010 amounts to about 600 coffee trees and are grown under casuarina shades

Towards the northern end of the coffee farms where sunlight reception is good and there is accessibility to water, a coffee-shed for parchment storage was established. Paunda farmer group also has very good raised beds for drying parchment coffee.

Paunda coffees were assessed by overseas Q Graders (specialty cuppers) and the results show good cup attribute average scores of 84 points with cup attributes: very sweet, pineapple, clean, juicy, fresh, and tea like.

Green Coffee Nutrient ContentsGarden InformationSoil Nutrient Contents
Calcium: <0.1%1360 – 1518 maslpH: –
Copper: 20 mg/kgSoil Type: Mostly Black Loam Calcium: 17.51 me%
Fat: 12.60%Coffee Variety: Typica & BourbonMagnesium: 2.26 me%
Iron: 89 mg/kgLandform: FlatPotassium: 0.24 me%
Phosphorus: 0.22%Annual Rainfall: 2000 mmSodium: 0.12 me%
Potassium: 1.70%Temperature: 27 Degree Celsius during the dayCEC: 14.2 me%
Protein: 11.70% BS: 140.2%
Sodium: <0.01% Olsen P: 4.92 mg/kg
Zinc: 11 mg/kg Organic: 5.82%
Bean Size Screens: 18/17.5 Total N: 0.4%
CIC Grade: AA/A C/N (ratio): 14.6
  Mg:K (ratio): 9.00

Map of Paunda Coffee Farmers Group

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