Coffee Growers Support Service Program

The Coffee Grower Support Services Program (CGSSP) is a core program under the Grower Services program that pursues a comprehensive implementation of farmer training and extension service delivery activities through a ‘grower demand-driven approach’. Through this approach, Participatory Rural Appraisal Planning (PRAP) and Rapid Rural Appraisal (RRA) are used from which training needs and requirements of farmers are identified.

The training needs are then addressed with the engagement of service providers with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct training. The service providers are outsourced from within the locality to minimize cost of their engagements. These service providers are mostly former agricultural officers and those with bookkeeping and accounting experiences.

A transparent process of engaging service providers are implemented with the eventual signing of a contract between the service provider(s), CIC and the farmer group(s) to pave the way for training to take place.

CGSSP Coordinators

The CIC Provincial Farmer Training and Extension Coordinators (PFTECs) stationed in thirteen coffee growing provinces of the country coordinate training and extension services to farmers which also include overseeing of the service provider conducted training. Reports are then provided and sent back to the Office of the Manager, Farmer Training and Extension at the RGSD office in Aiyura for review and advice.

The thirteen provinces in which the PFTECs are stationed include the following:

  • Central
  • Morobe
  • Eastern Highlands
  • Western Highlands
  • Southern Highlands
  • Enga
  • Simbu
  • East Sepik
  • Madang
  • Oro
  • Milne Bay
  • New Ireland
  • East New Britain

Since the PRAP program began, a number of PRAP groups have been established in some places in the 13 provinces.

*Click Farmer Groups to view the list of farmer groups that successfully completed the PRAP program.

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