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The District by District Village Coffee Rehabilitation Program (DxDVCRP) has been a success in its first year of implementation. The project was piloted in three of the main coffee producing provinces of Western Highlands, Eastern Highlands and Simbu.

Anglimp South Wahgi was selected as the pilot district in the Western Highlands Province, Obura-Wonenara district was chosen for the project in Eastern Highlands and Kundiawa/Gembogl was chosen as the pilot district for Simbu Province.

Funding was received from the Government of PNG through NADP and the implementation of the projects were monitored by the PM & E Unit of the Coffee Industry Corporation Ltd. The DxD project was an initiative of the CIC to reinvigorate enthusiasm in planting coffee by assisting smallholder farmers with the rehabilitation of their coffee plots.

This came about after production had declined simply because farmers had neglected rehabilitation practices on their own plots to increase production. Smallholder farmers account for 85% of the total production of coffee in the country, producing an average of between 0.6 – 0.8 tonnes GB per ha.

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