Scientific Liaison Services

Scientific Liaison section plays a “linking” function through liaison with research, farmer training extension, Industry Operation Division, coffee industry and other service providers. That role is achieved through publications, providing information services, communicating coffee information, conducting liaison activities, media releases and performing public relation duties. The section is based in Aiyura under the Research and Grower Services Division.

Research & Extension Publications

The section publishes the following periodicals, reports and extension publications for the Research & Grower Services Division. The scientific publications include the PNG Coffee Journal, Coffee Research Reports and R&GSD Annual Report. The extension publications are the Coffee Industry Newsletter, Technical Advisory Circular, Coffee Notes, posters and flyers. The section is also responsible for publishing the Coffee Industry Corporation website and the CIC Annual Report.

Library and Information Services

The Holloway Library is one of the best specialist library in PNG. The library is an active collaborating member of the National Agricultural Information Systems (NAIS) in PNG. The library provides information services to staff and the surrounding communities. For further information on the type of information contained in the Library, please contact the Assistant Librarian.


The section develops programs for visitors to the station who want to know more about the research and extension activities from specialists on the station. They also have opportunities to interact with scientists and extensionists about particular research activities under their oversight.

In cooperation with other sections of CIC, the section assists to mount stands and to participate at shows, field days and Open Days around PNG.

Industrial Training

The section is in charge of organizing industrial training for students from agricultural institutions by writing their job descriptions and developing work programs and then engaging them for the training.

Media Activities

The Scientific Liaison Section also undertakes the publicity of CIC and the dissemination of coffee information and news items through the mass media.

Omuru 1 Dissemination

The section is progressing on the establishment of capacities for Omuru 1, an elite Robusta coffee variety planting material in the coastal provinces. Germination piths and seed gardens are being established in Zumim, Morobe Province; Maprik, East Sepik Province; Kokopo, East New Britain Province and Bubuletta in Milne Bay Province.

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