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Timuza farmer group is situated in the Eastern highlands province approximately 3km South-West of the township of Kainantu in the Kainantu district, a few kilometers away from the main highway, along the Okapa road.

Timuza is at the altitude range of 1820-1898 meters above sea level and the soil is mostly black and red loam.

The cooperative group has a membership of over 50 farmers and they organically grow all their coffees. They produce between 10-15 tonnes green bean coffee yearly.

Almost all farmers have attended quality trainings from good husbandry practices and good post –harvest practices conducted by the Coffee Industry Cooperation Ltd.

The group has a mini wet mill built under a CDS government project and has a good water supply for washing coffee. Timuza also has a good set up of drying beds used for drying parchment coffee. They have a good storage house where the group store their dried parchment before marketing.

Timuza coffees were assessed by the Five Senses Coffee from Perth and Melbourne and results show outstanding cup attributes and scores at the average of 86.25 points; Fruit, guava like, fruity acidity, Blackcurrant, peach, syrupy, winey, lemon, delicate and crisp, tea-like body, creamy sweet, good body and lingering aftertaste.

The best PNG coffee ever tasted and some flavors here are tailor made for a filter option IMO”, says one of the overseas cuppers.

The Five Senses Coffee in Australia has shown interest to source smaller lots of coffee from Timuza coffee group and are slowly building that relationship through communications and more organized visits into the area.

Green Coffee Nutrient ContentsGarden InformationSoil Nutrient Contents
Calcium: <0.1%Altitude: 1820 – 1898 maslpH: 4.76
Copper: 16 mg/kgSoil Type: Black & Red loam Calcium: 7.65 me%
Fat: 11.60%Coffee Variety: Typica & BourbonMagnesium: 4.19 me%
Iron: 96 mg/kgLandform: FlatPotassium: 0.38 me%
Phosphorus: 0.42%Annual Rainfall: 2436 – 3660 mmSodium: 0.18 me%
Potassium: 1.70%Temperature: 25 Degrees Celsius during the day CEC: 26.8 me%
Protein: 11.50% BS: 46.3 %
Sodium: <0.01% Olsen P: 2.28 mg/kg
Zinc: 14mg/kg Organic: 6.95%
Bean Size Screens: 18 Total N: 0.47%
CIC Grade: AA C/N (ratio): 15.00
  Mg:K (ratio): 13.67

Map of Timuza

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