Welcome to the Coffee Industry Corporation Limited (CIC) website. We bring you information about the vibrant coffee industry of Papua New Guinea.

The CIC, which is empowered under the Coffee Industry Corporation Statutory Powers and Functions Act 1991, has the responsibility to provide both leadership and services to the PNG coffee industry as stipulated in its Constitution.

Coffee continues to be an important export commodity for PNG, as almost 85% of coffee produced in PNG is grown, harvested and partly processed by smallholder growers. Coffee is therefore the leading source of cash income for a large proportion of the population compared with other agricultural export commodities, including minerals.

The global coffee market has become very competitive over the years and CIC has realized the importance of promoting PNG coffee more aggressively, both to maintain its place in existing markets as well as to break into new emerging markets.

The CIC exists to support the development of the nation’s multi-million kina coffee industry which will maximize financial returns to all players in the industry within PNG and ultimately achieve the government’s socio economic goals.

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